Cibi Events | Wedding Planner Charleston | Washington DC
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Cibi Events is a team of
innovative & experienced wedding planners –
but we do a lot more than just plan weddings.

We partner with our clients to design the most celebrated day of their lives. We bring unique details and honest reflections to life.
We remove the stress and amplify the joy. We’re all about cultivating meaning and significance in every moment of your wedding day,
so that the memories you’ll hold forever will be as sweet and genuine as the event itself.

Before diving into your wedding design, floral arrangements, and menu ideas, we would love to hear about how you want your wedding
to feel – the experience you want for yourself and your family and friends. The memories you want to create,
the laughter (and maybe a few tears) you want to share, and the love you want to celebrate.

We don’t just plan weddings that are beautiful in photos – we take care of every detail so that your day has room for all of the precious moments you want to enjoy.

Let’s get to know each other,

As wedding planners, we love culture and tradition. We’re fine food and wine enthusiasts. We’re cultivators of art and style. And because of our diverse passions and appreciations, we’re able to truly deliver on this promise: your wedding will be completely unique, and an honest representation of your tastes, style, and priorities.

And no matter what style your wedding takes on, we also want it to be a fun and enjoyable day. We make sure that happens by skillfully designing every aspect of your wedding – from the invitations, to the table design, to the dozens of small, meaningful details.
We’re also pros at managing the inevitable wedding-day glitches and keeping everything running smoothly so you can relax and enjoy.
Our services and personal attention are built on years of diverse and high-profile experience. Jump over here to read the full story

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